Contact meCARTOON MUSIC 2006/2007: LA FAMILLE PASSIFLORE, (The Bellflower Bunnies) New season, 26 episodes of 22 episodes each. Produced by Eurovisual for TF1. 2004: LA FAMILLE PASSIFLORE Animated series in 22 episodes of 22 minutes each.Produced by EUROVISUAL. Prize for the best music in an animated series at the Festival of Luchon (France). 2002: LA FAMILLE PASSIFLORE Four special episodes of 26 minutes each. Produced by PROTECREA/EDITIONS UNE MUSIQUE. 2002: M COMME MAX, (Series in 52 episodes of 1 minute each). Produced by LA BOITE A GILLES and DISNEY CHANNEL. Directed by Gilles DEYRIES. 2002: TOOLEWEB Background music for the DISNEY CHANNEL. 2001: LES AVENTURES D’ALFRED Directed by Gilles DEYRIES (Narrator: Jacques FRANCOIS) animated series in 104 episodes of 1 minute each. Produced by LA BOITE A GILLES and DUM DUM FILMS. Purchased by DISNEY and shown on DISNEY CHANNEL for at least 3 years. 2000: LES ENIGMES DE PROVIDENCE, (26 episodes of 26 minutes each). Directed by Eric BERTHIER. Produced by PROTECREA/EDITIONS UNE MUSIQUE. For TF1. Music written for symphonic orchestra (the Sophia Orchestra of Bulgaria.) Final music mixing by Didier LIZET.The music was chosen for a CD issued by TF1 in 2001. 1998: LES PATAMODELEURS, Music for a documentary on the specialised creators of animated films, e.g., Chicken Run. 1997: WITCHWORLD, (Grandmother is a Witch). Franco-American animated series of 26 episodes of 26 minutes each. Produced by GOLDVISION, NICKELODEON, CANAL and FRANCE 2. GOLDVISION, NICKELODEON, CANAL + and FRANCE 2. SOPHIA ORCHESTRA OF BULGARIA. MOVIE MUSIC 2005: ORCHESTRATION for ENTENTE CORDIALE. With Daniel AUTEUIL and Christian CLAVIER. Produced by Christian FECHNER. Released in January 2006. 1998: IMAGIQUE Created the music for FUTUROSCOPE, Poitiers (France). Produced by Patrick BESENVAL. (with Jean Claude DREYFUS). Released 27 April 1998 (four-year run). 1995: L’EXIL DU ROI BEHANZIN, directed by Guy DESLAURIERS (Script by Patrick CHAMOISEAU). Produced by FRANCE 2, CANAL and SERIE LIMITEE. Sound track released on CD, including a song for Jocelyn BEROARD. TELEVISION MOVIE MUSIC 2007: VALENTINE et COMPAGNIE, directed by Patrice MARTINEAU. Produced by YES Productions and TF1. 2004/2007: SAUVEUR GIORDANO, with Pierre Arditi. 14 épisodes for TF1. 2005: L’ENFANT DE PERSONNE, Film produced for TV in two episodes. Directed by M. Perrota. Produced by France 2 and CORILAN’ Production (with Corinne TOUZET and Bernadette LAFONT). 2004: UN PARFUM DE CARAIBE, directed by Mickael PERROTTA. Produced by CORILAN’ Productions (with CorinneTOUZET). 2003: MON VOISIN DU DESSUS, directed by Laurence KATRIAN. Produced by TF1 and GETEVE Productions (with Michele LAROQUE and Richard BERRY. 2003: VALENTINE, directed by Eric SUMMER. Produced by TF1 and CORILAN’ Productions (with Corinne TOUZET). 2002: UN BEBE NOIR DANS COUFFIN BLANC, directed by Laurent DUSSAULT. Produced by DEMD Productions and FRANCE 3. 2001: L’AMOUR PRISONNIER, directed by Yves THOMAS. Produced by CAPA DRAMA and Beatrice CAUFMANN. 2000: ARTHUR AND THEA, directed by Eric LE HUNG. Produced by FRANCE 2 and AURAMAX. 1999: BALDIPATA ET LES PETITS RICHES, directed by Claude D’ANNA. Produced by CIPANGO (with Charles AZNAVOUR and Bernard FRESSON). 1996: LES FILLES DU LIDO, especially requested to compose music to illustrate an old Merry-go-round. Produced by TF1 (with Francis HUSTER). 1996: MARTINEAU ET LE PORTRAIT DE FEMME, Directed by Daniel MOOSMANN. Produced by FRANCE 2 (WITH Julien GUIOMAR). ADVERTISING MUSIC 2003: FOL EPIS (French cheese). 1998: GUIGNOLS DE L’INFO. Music for TOM TOM/McDONALDS/TELETUBBIES. 1998: SIDAPOLIS 3000, short film about global aïds épidémie. Directed by Sebastien GRAAL. 1997: McDONALD’S DISNEYLAND, 5TH ANNIVERSARY. 1996: MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT for an advertisement for CETELEM. THEATRE MUSIC 1994: THEATRE DE CHAMBRE, Michel VINAVER, playwrite. 1992: SI CAMILLE ME VOYAIT, Roland DUBILLARD, playwrite. COMPOSITIONS FOR ORCHESTRA 2005: ORCHESTRATION for L’ENTENTE CORDIALE. With Daniel AUTEUIL and Christian CLAVIER.Produced by Christian FECHNER. Released in January 2006. 1998: FUTUROSCOPE Composed original music for the show IMAGIQUE. Played by the OPERA ORCHESTRA OF PARIS. 1996: “LAC CLAIRE” SUITE. Composed five movements for Symphony Orchestra.(requested by Sweden). 1995: CENTENAIRE DU CINEMA: music commissioned by l’ARIAM and the Ministry of Culture. Composed for 35 musicians to be played live as an Accompaniment to restored silent films. LIVE SHOWS AND TOURS IN FRANCE (WRITER, COMPOSER & SINGER) 1993: First act in Philippe CHATEL Show. 1991-1992: A one-year with singer WILLIAM SHELLER. Olympia of Paris / Casino of Paris / French Provinces and Switzerland. 1990: First act in Nicole CROISILLE Show. 1989: First act in Jacques HIGELIN Show. EDUCATION ECOLE NORMALE DE MUSIQUE DE PARIS: Counterpoint / analysis / harmony. Solfeggio studies with Jacqueline LEQUIEN, Professor at the Paris conservatory. Classical piano studies with Madame LANDOWSKY. Jazz piano studies with Claude BOLLING. Studies oboe and drums for eight years. Appeared in a French TV Workshop – Petit Conservatoire de la Chanson – with Mireille.
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